Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fill scheduled

I am the one in green, and those are my wonderful parents, and my sister.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store when I got the call from my doctor's office. They were finally able to schedule me for my fluoro fill next Friday the 30th. Thank God! I need some back-up here, and my empty band just ain't doing it!

Wednesday my parents are coming to stay with us (they live 8 hours away) until that Saturday. Now, part of my weight problem came from those two fabulous people and I worry how things will go when they are in town. This same topic seems to be coming up on many of the LB blogs lately. I don't think my parents intentionally sabotage, but yet they do still sabotage. Add into this equation that Thursday is my birthday and you have the makings of a disaster!

Friday I will have to be on liquids all day, so that will save me some calories, and Thursday I work late, so that helps as well. But that still leaves the rest of the time. I have a plan, now all I need to do is follow it!

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