Monday, October 19, 2009

The weekend is over, now back to the grind

First I am starting off with a picture of Ike our wonderful Pit Bull/Boxer. He is the perfect start to a Monday!

Mondays are always a very busy day for me at work. It is good because I don't have any time to sit around and think about eating. Lately I am starving. My zero restriction is really getting to me. I am SO excited to go in for my first fill tomorrow!

In other news, it looks like it is going to be a very beautiful fall day here in Michigan. I will be sure to get out and give the dog a nice long walk again today. We took him for a couple miles yesterday but he gets tired and wants to lay down. I understand how he feels! Apparently Pit Bulls are not made for distance but for strength.

Lastly, I am really pushing to make my next goal of 225 by 10/29. I fear I may not do it! That is only one week from Thursday. I plan to give it my all though.

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Gen said...

Sweet dog! Love the name Ike. I hear you about needing a fill!