Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick, and the count down to my first fill

Yesterday I called in sick. I actually left work an hour early on Monday with a really sore throat. I figured I was just tired and would feel better by morning. Well when yesterday morning rolled around I did not feel better, I felt much much worse. So, I sucked it up and saw my doctor. I have an ear infection and was given some good antibiotics. I feel better today but still have a sore throat. Funny thing is, my ear never really hurt.

When I get sick I always want McDonald's. Those salty fries feel so good on my sore throat. I did not give in, and instead ate healthy and felt good about it. I even cooked myself lunch so I didn't settle for something less filling.

I have also officially gone down a size in my True Fit jeans. I have the same trouser jeans is 3, 4, and 5 red. I bought them as I was getting fatter, not as I was losing weight. Well, I started out in a tight 5 and am now in the 4s. They are still snug but the 5 was just ridiculous and huge. I haven't changed sizes in anything else yet, but this is still exciting.

I have six days until my first fill. I can't wait. I also get to start incorporating grain products on October 28th. I am feeling limited with my food right now and am looking forward to a change.

Happy Hump Day!

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DawnB said...

Feel better soon and way to overcome Mickey D's!