Sunday, October 4, 2009

Working Sundays is always a downer

But Sundays are also time and a half. So I bit the bullet and decided to actually work this Sunday (I usually give them away). To add to the drama of Sunday, I am working in the children's department today (I am the teen services librarian and NEVER work in the children's department). I am not used to the questions about tall tales and fairy tales. I am more used to, "Where do I find the book about....uhhh... doing it".

I did manage to get my workout in as well as a healthy brunch before heading to work. I have been working out everyday for at least 30 minutes and I can feel a big difference! I do aerobics and light weight sculpting.

I also decided to start cleaning out my closet this morning. I realized that I had a lot of ugly clothes just because I was fat. I decided I was getting rid of all the ugly stuff if it fit or not. I am so not the type to wear sequins or rhinestones, however, it seemed the heavier I got the more I wore of those. It is funny to me how so many plus size clothes have these gross little details. Its like if you are fat you need to detract from you size with sparkly things.

I did also have some items that were too big. All in all I got rid of 5 garbage bags of clothes. I donated them to a local women's shelter that was asking for plus size clothing donations. It felt so good to get rid of stuff. My closet has been stuffed to the gills with a million different sizes of clothes "just in case". I decided there was no more just in case so as soon as it doesn't fit or I know I won't wear it anymore... away it goes.

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Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

getting rid of clothes that are too big is a beautiful inspiration to ourselves!